Steve Burkett Photography | Venice Lightning Strike
Created 15-Apr-14
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While I was in Venice in 2012, I was fortunate enough to be in the Campanile during a pre-rain lightning storm. While shooting to the north, I captured this image. What a serendipitous moment! The first three photos are the same image, but just at different aspect ratios.

Actually, I went to Venice with the plan to create this image. It is a composite of a day-time shot and a night-time shot that I made -- recording exactly where I was standing and where my camera was aimed during the two shooting episodes. In this shot, I centered the image on the construction crane, which I removed for the composited image.

I knew that I needed a day-time shot to get the proper exposure for the area where the planned lightning strike was to be...even then, I needed to boost the exposure in Photoshop to get that really bright and edgy look.

Note that in the base night shot, there were virtually no lit windows at this time of the early evening...I had to go in and add lighted windows throughout the scene.

I did some other little things --besides the window lighting, note the edge lighting I added to the domes of the San Marco church in the foreground in that base night shot.

I also created an image for a lightning strike in front of the church of San Zacarraia, which is the last image.

So does this image work? Is there any credibility to it?

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