Steve Burkett Photography | Santa Fe -- December 2013
Created 14-Jan-14
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Traveling to and being in Santa Fe during December, 2013. Dale, Kate, Ellen & Steve.

Early photos were taken as Dale and Steve drove to Santa Fe from San Antonio, with those photos coming from 'The Malpais', which is a lava flow in central New Mexico.

These are at 72dpi, which is good for viewing on the computer, Facebook, etc. -- but not so great for printing. If you want to print some, let me know which and I'll send you those files.

There are a couple of ways to view the photos:
1) click on the first image, then click it once more to get a slightly larger view and use the left and right arrow keys to go through the photos.
2) click on the 'Slideshow' link at the top right. Because the slides can advance a bit too quickly for leisure viewing, I like to then move my mouse to the bottom right to click on the pause button (' | | ') and then advance slides using the arrow keys. Look for photo titles in the upper-right corner.

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