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Created 31-Oct-13
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All of the images in this gallery are photographs presented exactly as captured by the camera.

Most of us are familiar with the impressionistic styles of Monet, Renoir and the other French artists of the late 19th century. Their work was characterized by the use of certain details and mental associations rather than the re-creation of objective reality…you gained just a sense of their subject, rather than a real-life view of their subjects for which the artists before them strived.

For photographers, most of our efforts are aimed at the capture of realism in its truest sense. However, I have enjoyed the development of a photographic technique that creates images that evoke the impression of the subject, rather than presenting a clear-cut and obvious image. My process uses a slow shutter speed as I move past the subject – usually from a moving automobile or train; or as you will see in some photos, I remain stationary while I pan with my subject’s movement.

I am drawn to the large expanses of hue, luminosity and saturation within the images produced through this photographic technique which I have dubbed ‘slurring’ – not blurring because of camera focus, but an intended motion blurring.
It Was a Beautiful Day!Bleak Day #2Bourbon Street R & R #4Clouds Through the TreesPedicab #1Buskers of Bourbon Street on BreakCloudsHorseBicycle #5Bicycle #6Fields of GrainGuardrail #2Guardrail #3Guardrail at 73mphNight TravelsParty Time on Bourbon Street #2Present at the RoadsideRestocking TimeThe Horse!This is a Red Building

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