Steve Burkett Photography | The Gritty City: New Orleans
Created 17-May-12
125 photos

New Orleans is a fantastic city that is best known for it's food, music and history. And, deep down beneath the charm is a gritty side that is denoted by cracked and peeling paint, battered mailboxes, inexplicable buttons, the ornaments of the cities of the dead, facades and of course, Bourbon Street.
Bourbon Street Dawn #2Doors to Preservation Hall #1Weeping Angel #1Olivier House HotelBead Draped BalconyFive ChimneysBlue WindowDauphine St BalconyHuge-Ass Beers and the Boogie Woogie, Too #1Huge-Ass Beers and the Boogie Woogie, Too #2Dauphine St Doors #2A B C DBougainvillea #3Brennan Family PlotChrist Handing Peter the Keys to the KingdomCloud ChimneyCourtyard Fronds #2Double LockedFrench Quarter StairsLife's a Struggle!

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