Steve Burkett Photography | Alyson & Terry Get Married
Created 12-Jun-12
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Prewedding and wedding photos of Alyson's and Terry's wedding in Florida in September, 2008.
Alyson trying on her beautiful dressWe had a surprise wedding shower at the Inverness on Sunday 8/3Doug, Marcia, Bruce, Lauren, Alyson, Misty and AshlynThe Johnson Boys --  Kevin, Will, Ben and RyanDebbie, Doug and MarciaJudy, Mike, Ginger and ScottTerry opens some presentsAlyson & MistyOn our first night in Tampa, we went to Bern's SteakhouseAshlyn thought the restaurant lobby looked like the Haunted HousDale ordered a bottle of 1975 cabernet sauvignonDale had over 7,000 different wines to choose from using this 17After dinner we got a tour of the kitchen, where steaks were cooThey grow their own sprouts for their saladsAfter touring the kitchen, we toured the wine cellarThese fortified wines were very old...the oldest of this group wHaving the world's largest wine list means they have a lot of wiThere is row after row of wine from floor to ceiling

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